Friday, 20 May 2016

New adventures

There's a reason I've been quiet here, I'm off on a new adventure and it's been a time and brain power sink for a few months now. An emotional sink too, the decision to take a risk and follow my heart and logic into a new venture. The decision is made, my last day at work is next Tuesday.

Collaborative Training Solutions is up and running with proposals invited from a couple of places already and ideas discussed with others. So many ideas and streams and possibilities. I've been humbled by the response from others, so very excited for me, encouraging and supportive. Leaving a well paying permanent job to set up on one's own is very scary and I've had moments of major panic. Those middle of the night 'oh what have I done' moments. As the lovely Renee would say 'this too shall pass' and it has.

I have three blogs on my new site. Ambitious I know, one of this weekend's jobs is to get some content flowing. And I will keep writing here, with pics, as I travel in this lovely country and beyond. Feedback is alway appreciated.

My main house, my other is just beyond