Saturday, 30 January 2016

Middle East musings

That last post wasn't what I came here to write. I had started it, slept on it as you do, then decided it was worth finishing.

I was more thinking about the messages I keep getting from a past life. And I suspect it was that in the metaphysical sense as well as my current experiences. Today I had a care parcel to post to my lovely daughter in law, the one who is giving me the gift of another grandbaby, and I wandered to the markets for some organic produce and people watching.

What a lovely surprise to see a stall with all my favourite Arabic delights. And a lovely Syrian man with a big smile who enjoyed my delight at his matabal, tabouli and hommas. And falafal. Oh and zaata. And proper Arabic bread, like the ones from the small local shops. And a small treat, a date cake. Home made all of it. The proper Arabic way. He smiled at my shukran too.

I raced home, keen to savour this treat food that used to be my daily fare. On the way home I met one of the agents I rented my apartment from, a lovely lass with a small boy who wasn't a sleeper. We had swapped tips earlier and it seemed some of them worked and he now sleeps some more. The neighbouring apartment is for rent, I met the prospective tenants as we chatted in the way we do in my friendly small village. All this when I really just wanted to scoff my treats, I would have shared too.

Food sampled and a smile on my face, it was better than my memories. Especially the matabal and the tabouli. So fresh. I'm a bit full now and I have seconds for later, bonus. The other messages have come from friends I haven't seen in a while. Some personal messages, some through photos and comments that had me longing, some job prospects, some from a fellow traveler who is currently exploring all Morocco has to to offer. It looks so like Oman in his pics and his stories are of how lovely the people are to two travelers whose van is constantly breaking down.

So the feet are itchy, although it will be a small trip. Possibly Laos and Cambodia, or somewhere nearby. Maybe a longer one later in the year via those hot lands.

Treats - The date cake didn't make it


Di said...

Loved this. I love when we find bits of our other lives in our current lives. I've found a good ravioli supplier here in Surrey :-) I'm enjoying catching up on your posts, as I settle into a routine after so long out. I have you on my blog reading roll but wasn't getting to my blog reader at all. Hopefully that's about to change. Lovely writing too :-)

Jule's Short Story said...

Thanks! Although I write all day for work, I'm finding I still have space to write here sometimes. Maybe the work writing is honing my skills, hope so. It can be boring at times this writing for others. It's interesting how happy those things make us, those small things. Will have to come to yours for ravioli then, welcome at mine for matabal any time xx