Sunday, 14 June 2015


It's Sunday evening and I'm procrastinating. I've managed to successfully fill in some time chatting on the phone and catching up on emails. The job I set aside for this evening is still not done, I'm very good at procrastinating. Mulling things over until I'm ready to put pen to paper. then it just falls on the page. So rather than procrastinating, which is what my processing can feel like, I'm reflecting on what I might say to impress those who need to be impressed.

And this is a good spot to chill and reflect. Reflect on what a great couple of weeks it's been in my world. There's been a bit on. Work, socialising, family, getting my home together, time out to wander and chill. I can't believe how settled I feel here in Sydney. How much I'm enjoying being close to the small girl and her mum and dad. We got time together on Saturday, a sleep then a wander to the Kings Cross market just down the road. The charming child making the ladies smile back.

Then today her first birthday party. A day with family and friends all gathered together to celebrate the guest of honour who took it all in her stride. Well as long as mum or dad were in sight and there was cake to eat. First birthdays are so much more about adults, the small girl managed to make it her day. Opening the presents was a treat. She had that sorted pretty quickly, and waving for the camera.

My apartment continues to delight me, the sun streaming and that view. So much going on on the water, an every changing vista with the sun rising, the ferry and boat traffic and the sparkling night lights. The ones I can see now. The area I live in is a delight, so much to see and do just outside my door yet quiet enough to enjoy a stress free weekend.

The Saturday Kings Cross market, I wandered down and bought my weeks fruit and vege. Organic mostly and when my eggs run out they will come from the farmer that has them too. The gozleme was delicious and the coffee too as I sat on a bench and people watched. Children chasing the birds while dad ate his burger; a couple reading on a rug; children enjoying the play ground; groups of people wandering and buying; the smell of those bacon and egg buns; the cakes so tempting; people watching people watching people.

I've taken a few pics from my deck and I uploaded them this evening, along those from mothers day, my Brisbane trip and some from New Zealand. Here's a few of the view.

My first morning

Brooding sunrise

Saturday traffic

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