Monday, 6 April 2015

On the road again

Things that happen quickly, effortlessly, lightly, by dropping a stone into a pond, seem to be the right things. I dropped a stone in a pond a month or so ago and at the end of April I'm on the move again, this time to Sydney Australia. I was ready for a change, a challenge, a new place that wasn't so cold in the winter or at least had a shorter winter and hotter summer. It's a bit exciting really.

The big pull is to be nearer to family, to those 3 lovely granddaughters and their mums and dads. So here I am in amongst the chaos of sorting. Taking a quick break. I realise I've been very quiet here, there hasn't been a lot to write about recently. Well except my recent trip to Brisbane where I gave a tummy bug, not sure where I got that from, to a whole lot of friends and family. I hope they are still talking to me, it wasn't highlight for me either.

I have a house lot of furniture to sell this time, facing the dilemma of store, ship or sell. The cost is about the same, the convenience of having it all ready for my new place might just outweigh the hassle of selling. Then there's all the small stuff I will ship anyway. I'm moving with 2 suitcases, not sure it will all fit. Oh well, I don't really need that much and I'm sure I can donate what's not needed to worthy causes.

This Easter weekend I've been out on the water a couple of times, one was really windy and challenging the other a more gentle romp. In Cayman I would probably have been on a boat heading around the island for the annual race, it was a bit chillier here. Best I get back to the sorting and throwing. Here's a pic from my recent trip to Brickbay Winery.

Seems appropriate

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