Tuesday, 24 February 2015


So, 400 plus views today. Can't help but wonder who is viewing and where you are from. Please let me know. Please let me know what you find so interesting in my humble blog I write for me and mine. Not that interesting really.
My happy place

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Growling time

I get so mad reading the news, scrolling through social media, hearing and seeing reports of killing and retaliation and hearing excuses to kill more. To impose fear on people by only providing the information that suits the purpose of those who want this fear to continue, want retaliation, want to be able to also kill with impunity. There that's my small rant for today.

Seriously, would people who kill in the name of religion continue to do so without publicity, without the platform media provide for them? Without being able to incite terror in others? Well, it would be foolish to believe that completely given the unpublicised atrocities in places like Sudan and Yemen. Place without oil or many westerners, not quite of as much interest.

So how can we make a difference? Is it by turning off our tellies, discarding the newspapers, not searching the web seeking to read/see/hear about these atrocities? Not feeding the media frenzy that has become war these days. Not believing the lines of fear governments feed us to make sure they can act with impunity with the general public sighing with relief.

I don't pretend to know, my outrage is still present. I worry for the world my grandchildren will inherit. How do we claw back our peace. Let's start now. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I've been reading a bit about authenticity lately, it seems to crop up in places I'm exploring. Today it cropped up in Donna's blog. Her very first entry into this blogging world. I loved that she wrote about a teacher impacting on her life. On her authenticity. On realising her talent. Teaching is my business and has been for some time now. Teaching does make an impact, either way.

Donna is a teacher. An artist and writer. Multi talented. That comes with the teaching territory. As well as dedication, perseverance, resilience, relationships, communication. Dispositions that come with the territory and touch the lives of our children and grandchildren. Noah has just started school, taking it all in his stride as he does. Being secure in who he is and confident of his place in the world.

I spent the weekend with Sue up at Sandspit, a place with the very best of Aotearoa on offer. We've know each other for many years, had many adventures and these were discussed over the finest of wine. Our trip to Jordan, out to her middle desert home, around the UAE and Oman. Sue is the most authentic of people, so very comfortable in her own skin. Excellent company with common sense opinions. We talked much about our current spaces not being as good as they could be. Not being places that value and acknowledge authenticity.

Ideas on making improvements ebbing and flowing as we wandered the beaches, the markets and around the Brick Bay Vineyard. What a treat that was. The sculpture park an unexpected delight, so exceeding expectation. The groves of kauri and the man made offerings placed carefully for maximum impact. That's a whole entry on it's own so for now here are a couple of my favourites.

The Choice - Paul Dibble

Dingy - Jeff Thomson

On peaceful lily pond