Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Memory lane

What a wander down memory lane, sorting through those boxes of stored treasures. Old photos, records of events, letters, cards, books, the bits and pieces of lives enjoyed. It's time to throw away all my old teaching resources, time to sort the photos from way back when into years, subjects, people. Time to part with some books I no longer need to store.

It's been so good having this decent break and being able to stay where the treasures are stored. I've managed to rationalise boxes, re classifying the treasures and putting the empty boxes out to recycle. The garage is certainly looking emptier, tidier. My stuff will need to wait until I have a more permanent place to live, there's change afoot as I'm looking for a new place to rent. A sunnier place.

I had thought I had some clothes, winter ones, and shoes here. It seems not. I guess that's an excuse for me to go shopping. I may just have to wait until my card is healthier. This is a temporary respite from the boxes, the dust and the sorting. Next job, back to those photos. What a treat.

Merry Christmas!

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