Saturday, 29 November 2014


What a treat. An awesome venue, a barbeque, red wine, excellent company and fireworks over the harbour. After some work on Tortimony, making sure the skipper didn't fall from the mast and passing up those important fixing things things, the evening progressed as people gathered to watch the big fireworks display. Shed folks and others for the best view in the place.

I had taken my big camera, hoping I could get some night shot practice. Night shots and not my best so I need all the practice I can get. I've been getting some lovely time on the water lately with the Friday evening Rum Races. The weather out on the harbour is fickle, especially later in the day. This week it was the southerly change that brought stinging cold rain and small hail. Yes, it was very cold! Exciting too. We came third in class, not a bad effort. Rum was enjoyed.

Todays been a quiet one, much needed after some long days lately. Long days and people staying. That social time of year. There was the Meet-up Christmas party last weekend, an evening of great music and dancing. It's been a while since I did so I made the most of it. Finishing the evening with tea at the Library Bar in the small hours. I'm one of those organising work's Christmas party, thats been fun. 

Heading south for Christmas this year to enjoy the 4 year old. It's time for my first proper break this year, family time then heading off for an adventure to Nelson and hopefully sailing across the strait back home. One of the crew is taking his family out to the sounds and needs extra hands to get home. Sounds like a nice plan to me. 

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