Sunday, 29 June 2014

Not so good

At keeping my promise to write each day, it's just been such a busy week. The movie, a couple of late nights and some busy work days left me needing to replenish so Thursday was an early night. Then there was Friday, a day of farewells and after work drinks. Lots of drinks, and dancing and chatting and making new friends. A fun night out with an early morning finish.

Some time during the evening a trip to the rugby was mentioned so that was Saturday night's entertainment. That was after a shopping wander with Diana and Rachel and an adventure with a borrowed car, the kindness of my friends when Karin offered me her car. It was great to get out and about and do those small jobs like getting a third frame for my Peruvian art, now I just need to hang them up.

I also bought some small things for home so I can get baking, yes domestic goddess stuff. And bake I did this evening, spinach and feta muffins as well as some yummy veggie soup. It was a lovely afternoon to do domestic stuff, after an early walk around the south coast. This part of Aotearoa never fails to amaze me. The chill beauty of the wild sea, the smell of kelp and salt, the taste of a sea laden wind, the distant snowy mountains emerging from the sea. The stark beauty of my place.

I keep meeting lovely people who share their favourite spots with me, today was no exception. I did owe a coffee after a failed bet on the rugby, this minority supporter amongst a home crowd. Much to the delight of my friends, my team came second.

So the plan for next week is to continue adding entries, I won't be so rash as to even suggest that there might be one each day.

Doesn't quite do it justice - the land of the long white cloud

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