Sunday, 22 June 2014

Almost missed

The deadline for today. It's been an out and about day, a nice chatty day with some wonderful live music and excellent company. A perfect rendition of Sugar Mountain by Carlos. Who didn't really look like a Carlos and was an excellent musician. I may have to make it back there next Sunday afternoon.

I was reflecting on what to write here next and was deciding if starting from the start was best or going the other way, starting from here and heading east then north then east. I'm still decided and suspect it might be a mixed up version of events.

I was talking about Scotland today. About being in Stirling, at the castle, about that realisation that the history the historian was sharing was my history, my real far back history my families pre traveling to New Zealand history. That feeling as I looked over the wall and saw the army on the plains below. Quite stirring. No wonder Brave Heart struck a chord.

Scotland was a revelation, not the least that people could actually live in such an uninviting climate and not be grumpy about the weather. It was summer and was a bit wet and cold for this tropical kiwi dressed in jandels and a bright green puffer jacket. It was so very beautiful, so very stark and windswept. There are more photos, many more. Here are two from Stirling.

Stirling battleground


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