Saturday, 21 June 2014

A commitment

Well, more of a resolution than a commitment. Blame it on the winter solstice and the need to resolve. This space has been very quiet lately and there are a number of reasons for that. One occasional reader said that with my life being very much business as usual at the moment, there wasn't so much to write about. True in some ways, although as another commented, I find adventure in the everyday. And every day here in Wellington is a bit of an adventure.

Another reason is that I write all day and when I come home I'm not so enthused about doing more. That and I had a small mishap out sailing, a torn bicep tendon that meant a few weeks in a sling and now some quite painful rehab to get it fully functional again. Writing hurt for a while although that's not the case so much now. Oh and then there's that iPad thingy, the lazy way to check what needs checking and quicker than my Mac can. Not so good to write on, more to just look.

So back to my commitment/resolution. Here goes, deep breath as I commit this to writing - I am going to write an entry here each day until I catch up on my travel stories. Post pics of the journey, the people and places. Today's entry is here so off to a reasonable start.

I'm off shopping soon to replace my favourite Italian leather boots, they lost their sole on the way home last week. I went into mourning, I've had them a while. They are at the repair shop now and I need to buy and break in a replacement pair. Quite a mission even in this city of black boots. Other shopping is required, something I've been emotionally preparing myself for for a while. I'm not a natural shopper although when I get into my stride it's an okay pass time on a day like today.

Karin, who offered to be my support group for this expedition, is an expert shopper and knows all the good places. I just hope I can keep up.

Here are two shots from my recent road trip up to visit Lyn and Kerry in New Plymouth, so fantastic to see them again. More about that later.

Mountains to the sea - Mt Taranaki

Late afternoon beach time - Taranaki

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Di said...

Oh excellent! This was a lovely way to begin my Saturday. Sorry to hear about your bicep though, must have been frustrating.
And yes, I do believe you're one of those creatures who make everyday an adventure. I look forward to the catch up because I've been doing it hard without news of you, over here in that other country. xxx