Sunday, 18 May 2014


I love Melbourne, could totally enjoy living here. The cafés are lovely, excellent coffee and food. The restaurants are too. Most important are the ones I love who live in Melbourne. Number 2 son, his lovely wife and their soon to be born daughter. My soon to be born granddaughter. I love being a grandma, that surprised me at first. I'm not quite old enough for that title, not exactly an LOL (little ol' lady). I don't exactly live the lifestyle of a traditional grandma.

So what is a traditional grandma? Many different types of people it seems. A small grey bun is not necessary. The new addition has two younger grandmas, one becoming so for the first time. A very, very excited new grandma to join the grandma fraternity. When grandmas gather the pics come out, iPhones and iPads and all sorts of portable devices. We speak our own speak, admiring each other's off springs offspring. A bit exclusive really.

We went out exploring the suburbs today, looking for a new home for the new family. Enjoying a lunch out in a trendy cafe. The best coffee I've had in a while with a yummy pide. A taste of Turkey that made me sigh with delight as I closed my eyes and went back in time. It's 10 years since I was last in Turkey, a revisit might just be on my list for next year.

This year it's baby central and wedding time, the family time I so value. So I will be back in Melbourne soon to meet the new one. To spend time bonding with number 4. That's my call, it's time to board. TTFN, Melbourne, I will be back.

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