Saturday, 10 May 2014


One of the downfalls of returning to a land of seasons is that one of those seasons is chilly and, recently, sunless. That does not really suit me, the change of seasons has been gorgeous with autumn colours and nights beginning early. Cosy inside through dreary days. Last evening and this morning it's just plain cold, no redeeming sun streaming through the foggy windows.

My solar batteries need recharging already and it's only May. Early May. The up side is I'm getting plenty of excercise, plenty of rugged up outside time wandering with friends. Exploring this lovely city. And then there's the days out on the harbour enjoying the lively breezes Wellington is so famous for.

It seems like ages since I wrote, blame my need to hibernate sometimes. Cold times. This past month has been busy with a trip to Brisbane to meet Aria, a trip to Christchurch to play pirates and one to Auckland for work. A nice day out in the big city visiting children's hospitals and putting faces to the names of those I write to.

A highlight of Auckland was catching up with Sandy. Sandy my traveling companion in Italy. Of course being the small world it is, one of those I was meeting was a friend of hers. I'm off to Melbourne next weekend for a family catch up and hope to see Sue and others as well. It might be a busy one.

Today Kate and Mike are in town so this evening promises to be a social one, like last evening was with a pub dinner, excellent company and the Chiefs winning. And here I sit after a lay in, enjoying summer tomatoes on yummy toast with a pot of tea. It's time I made a move really, procrastinating and enjoying the view of the harbour and city out my window, the leafless trees opening up the vista. The hill I climb each day made worthwhile. 


Di said...

Good to find you writing :-) You are missed. We've been up around 21, hanging around at 16 but suddenly, today, we have 10 and rain. Oh well, it's Spring and the light alone is enough to satisfy me.
Lovely to read of you and Sandy catching up! And of your wandering. Stay cosy xx

Jule's Short Story said...

Thanks. I'm sorting photos this evening, so many from our road trip, so many from before. It's a little overwhelming!