Sunday, 25 May 2014

A home weekend

Much needed, although there were Saturday adventures. Wanders in the wind and rain and photo time at the Botanic Gardens. Gill and I wandered to see the African Day festivities then wandered off taking shelter in Te Papa. I got to revisit the curiosity shop, a revisit of my past. Things I remember, things that are the legends of this place. Our things, the acknowledgement of turangawaewae (my place to stand) my home. As always, it brought tears to my eyes. 

The plan was to take in a photography meet-up at the Begonia House at the gardens. That was a bit of a disappointment as far as the meet-up went. I got some great pics, a couple of which are below, once I worked out that my settings needed a bit of adjustment. Using what I learned with Di in Italy. Nice to feel like I know what I'm doing and my shots are not just happy accidents. That I can adjust my settings to mean little or no adjusting is needed.

Next on the list for the day was a trip to the rugby, live at the famous Wellington cake tin. the weather meant we left it late to choose, almost didn't go after whiling away some time at my local. The seats we got were okay, the ground quite empty, the wind whirling around. It was chilly and I'm not sure I'll go again for a while, more a warm fire and watch it on TV sport for me. My companions made it fun, the hot chocolate after very welcome. 

So today I've pottered around, read my book in the sun that was streaming into my living room, resting, sorting photos and finances, answering emails and organising my next trip. A road trip along the coast to New Plymouth. I'm feeling the need to drive, it's been a while. 

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That is quite a lovely water lily!