Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fine Friday

Thank goodness for a fine Friday, Good Friday so therefore a home Friday. It's rained pretty much constantly since I've been back from Brisbane and it had rained all the week before too. My bed was damp when I arrived home, I've been sick all week and the clothes dryer that came as part of this house is broken. The landlady is doing her best to replace this essential item.

So a fine Friday with the right amount of breeze was just what the doctor ordered. A dose of vitamin D as I lay on the couch basking while my loads and loads of washing dried on the line and in the sun room. It was a home day. A day when the value of Internet shopping was reinforced. That's continued today. All I needed were some photos and an electric blanket, Snapfish and Briscoes were good enough to make it simple for me.

It was a day I refused a sail, I thought my coughing might be annoying and the wind looked a little fierce out on the water for someone not quite well. I can see the harbour from my living room, now the trees in front have lost their leaves. I had glimpses, now it's more panoramic. An autumn bonus.

Sorting through my photos and choosing some to print and share was interesting. It took a while and I didn't really get past my November time in Australia. The travel ones will take a bit more sorting, they are out of order and not fully uploaded after my big computer crash. So it's trolling through the memory cards to see what I've missed.

I will see how Snapfish are with my first order and may use them to print some photos for my wall, boards that will hang easily. It seems I've lost all of my photos from Aperture, I looked on my hard drives and couldn't find the ones I'd backed up. That could be because the programme is no longer operating on my computer so I'm not stressing too much yet. Luckily I have published a few of the best in various places.

I also test drove at a car to buy. I do need one as rentals are not so easy to come by, a weekend car for weekend adventures.  So my sunny Friday was a productive one, even got a touch of colour from being outside for a bit sweeping away the autumn leaves.

Feeling reflective, Venice 2013

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