Saturday, 15 March 2014

Busy, busy

It's been a while since I've last written, time flying by in this new life of mine. Hard to believe that it's been a bit over seven months since I left Cayman. Oh what a lot I've done in that time. This weekend there's some much needed down time, a polite decline of social engagements, couch time with a good book and gentle music, some time to reflect and regroup.

I need that once in a while. Especially after all I've been doing lately. Some fantastic social activities with friends to stay, trips up the coast and walks along wild beaches, dinners out, drinks with good friends, night wanders through the botanic gardens, shopping adventures (has to be done with winter approaching) and my recent trip to spend time with my favourite 4 year old. Such treats and ones that will keep me enjoying my new life here. 

I realise I've not caught up on writing about my travels. I've found a website where I can self publish books so am exploring that as an option, a couple of books for my coffee table plus online versions. I will write here too when I have some head space. Maybe during those long winter evenings that are soon to come. My first real winter in quite a few years. 

There's a storm on the way today, Cyclone Lusi, but for now it's an okay day here in Wellywood. Okay enough to hang out the load of washing that's just finished, oh the domestic bliss of having a home day and an outside clothesline. 

The Kapiti Coast 

It's just what we do on a Paraparaumu Saturday

Waterfront coffee with Sue and Alex

A moment when it wasn't windy

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Di said...

It looks and reads magnificent :-) Have a lovely lazy weekend