Thursday, 23 January 2014


It's been an ouchy day today, a day of sighs and slow movements. Who knew there were that many muscles in this quite small body. Walking didn't break me, even in the very strong winds that whipped up dust devils. Not even walking up steep hills in heels carrying groceries. Not even a personal trainer putting me through my paces or my own trip to the gym trying to find the machines we used and not quite doing it well.

It was advertised as 'power yoga - hot'. And dashed hot it was. Cayman type hot, middle of the day in full sun, with no wind at all, mid summer after pushing the boat hot. Almost Al Ain hot although a bit more humid. The power yoga, well that just meant it would work every single muscle until you cried. I actually enjoyed this special form of torture, managed most of the poses and held most of them for a while, while I dripped with sweat. My mascara ran a bit.

The good thing was it warmed me up, right to my bones. I miss that sort of heat, there's not much of that here in the windy city. It's been a bit chilly lately, making me wonder how I'll cope with winter and those freezing southerlies. A bit like the one that greeted me as I came out from the heat last evening. I struggled home in a head wind, rain not respecting my light coat.

The warm in my bones kept me going for a while, the sore set in as my feet hit the floor this morning. I really didn't know that many muscles could hurt at once. I know it's been about 6 months since my last bend and stretch session but surely I haven't become that inflexible. A revisit is on the cards, a $10 try all the different yoga and pilates classes for a week deal my next purchase. So long as I can move by then.

Last weekend I had lots of exercise, a leisurely walk on the island and a long, windy wander to the Pencarrow Heads. It was meant to be a ride, my bike was in no fit state due to the very flat and now broken back tyre, so walk it was. Scott, the gorgeous chocolate lab who came along was not impressed by the sharp rocks and how far he had to walk, especially back onto a gale force northerly. It was gorgeous, rocky and wild and certainly in need of the lighthouse.

Pencarrow Heads, Wellington

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