Sunday, 15 December 2013

Arty Bees

I found a treat as I wandered up the street after the movie, an amazing bookshop. I now have the beginnings of a collection on my mantle. I have one to post to a small girl in Antwerp too. Arty Bees Books in Manners Street is a treasure trove of preloved books, Wellington's largest apparently. I was in heaven looking through the shelves, a good balm after the movie.

The shop is open late, a bonus for me as I live a little way away. I made a relatively quick, well very quick compared to others I book shop with, pick of five books. Four I've not read, written by favourite authors. One I've read a few times and have given away a few times. One worthy of a couple of reads. I'm relieved to find Arty Bees. I was a bit worried that I would finish my one real book in the middle of the night and have to download one.

Reading them from the iPad is just not the same. I don't actually find it relaxing and I'm never that sure of how far I am through the book. I know there's easy ways to find out, I haven't really tried. It also flips if you don't hold it up the right way, not read it in bed friendly at all. Preloved and new books that sit on my bedside cabinet are more my speed.

I finally got to read And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini, the other book on my shelf. I bought a copy in London, carried it around Europe then lost it on the way home from Portugal. It fell out of my bag on the plane, I hope the person who found it enjoyed as much as I did. A profoundly moving story I didn't want to end. Khaled is a gifted story teller and shares a history through people. It's much more gentle than this other two books I've read.

So my house is feeling a little more homely with some books on view, it's the small things. I love the area I'm living in. It's so close to everything with the bonus of some excellent walks right outside my door. Native bush, native birds, steep hill walks with places to sit and enjoy the view.

This morning I looked out my kitchen window and saw a tui in the huge pohutukawa tree, his beak worrying the flowers for their nectar. He was there a while, I watched and he sang a little as he systematically probed each flower. Amazing, I need to keep my camera in the kitchen just in case he comes back. My big shots today were not as good as my close ones, here's the city from one of the lower lookouts on the track.

Wellington, on another good day


Anonymous said...

Hi there
Have just read a few of your blogs.
Very good & great pics too. Think I'd be more comfortable telling stories than blogging ... I'm not as disciplined as you.

Jule's Short Story said...

Hi Roger.
Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.
It's actually okay once you get started, my first ones were short and woeful! If you have stories to tell, you could always get someone else to write them?
Will be interested to see how you go so keep in touch.