Thursday, 24 October 2013


I'm interested in how well, I've been sleeping on this trip. I'm not the best sleeper, I sleep lightly and prefer my own bed with my own pillow so this is a bonus for me. The slow transition of time changes has meant I'm not feeling the fug that is jet lag. Although I arrived in Singapore late on Tuesday, I was on Singapore time by the end of Wednesday, a four hour difference and without using my melatonin.

I just feel so relaxed, no work headaches to keep me awake, no problems to solve at 3am, lots of people to catch up with, wanders though lovely places and downtime to read and surf. Perfect. Living a bit more day to day. There is plenty still to organise for Wellington, a new job and a different lifestyle. A place to live is a prority. I've found a few that might work, apartment living for a bit then maybe a proper house with a small garden. A place where the kids will come and stay.

My freight has arrived in NZ, a pile of boxes in my mothers living room. There is a box to come from Al Ain with bits and pieces like some gifts, a work wardrobe and some home stuff I couldn't resist at Global Village. Like my big shopping basket and my Turkish plates. My suitcase was a surprising 26 kg, surprising because I posted so much. Not surprising because I did manage to buy a few extra work clothes in Dubai. I will have to do a cull, maybe post a few more things from here, to get it down to 23kg for my onwards flights.

I'm loving spending time with Francesca also known as Frankie. She's a gorgeous 14 month old with lots of energy. She is so responsive and plays up to the camera, enjoying looking at the play back of the "bubba" photos. It never gets old with her. Capturing her expressions as she plays and engages. We did attempt a family photo shoot in the park this morning, maybe this evening will work better. We shall see.

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