Thursday, 5 September 2013

Who missed the boat?

Well, lunch was lovely and we were having a nice chat to a lovely Aussie couple on their big OE and there was the shopping, we were in Portofino so there was shopping to be done. Sara and I set out this morning, early for us, and went on a mini cruise to Portofino via the gorgeous San Fruttuoso. What a lovely day out, paddling in the slightly warm Mediterranean while enjoying an espresso and enjoying people watching.

We hopped off the ferry and onto another after a while and went to Portofino, the most gorgeous harbour where I sighed at the yachts. I took photos, lots of photos and will download these soon. Lunch was lovely, overlooking the harbour and the beautiful people wandering by. Our table was a double, I spoke and the next thing I hear is, "gidday where in Aussie are you from?"

Close, our new friends Sharon and Darren were entertaining company, enjoying their big OE, a New Zealand and Australian rite of passage. They had left their kids and taken off for nine weeks of free travel, no tours just driving and having an adventure, staying where it feels right. That brings back memories of my first trip, the driving, reading a map and following the Tour de France. Camping in odd places.

We chatted a bit long and missed the last boat back to Genova, only we didn't realise that until we arrived back in San Fruttuoso. We charmed our way back on another boat and ended up at the most beautiful place, Santa Margarita. The train to Genova leaves from there and we got to wander and watch for a while on the way to the station. I managed to negotiate the ticket machine and we were soon back in Genova with a cold drink, new clothes and tall stories. Apertivo time now, an Aperol is in order I feel.

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