Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Where in the world.....

Portugal is a bit of a treat, an unexpected journey. Sara and I arranged it via Skype at the last minute and here we are, in an apartment built into the side of Castelo de Sao Jorge over looking the old city of Lisbon. Cobble stone streets, colourful tiles on the outside of the houses and the most amazing view. One of the houses in the panorama in the link is where we are. Thank you Airbnb! Our host told us there was a supermarket nearby, to the left and down the lift (elevator). We wandered down some steps, lots of steps and found it. By chance, we found the lift on the way home, phew, so many steps to get up.

The food here is fresh and cheap, the supermarket full of the essentials. We ate at a seafood restaurant, snow crab, garlic shrimp and of course the local delicacy grilled sardines. The waiter recommended the wine, a crispy white and very good with the seafood. Today we're off exploring and wishing we'd added a few more days to the stay. I suspect two days is not enough here. Today we explore, tomorrow we travel to Sintra. Photos will follow. 

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