Saturday, 14 September 2013

Spiders n things

There's nothing quite like an enormous spider on ones bedroom wall to chase away thoughts of sleep. Apparently I shrieked, a slight exaggeration. I just shouted a little for help as I tried to rope and wrestle the beast. I'm not fond of spiders, I have got braver over the years but still not brave enough for this monster, the second I've seen inside here. Think hand size with the legs spilling over a bit. A VBFES. Di was brave, stand aside she said very large book in hand. The vacuum choked on the enormous squished body. We left it on awhile then plugged up the hole with tissues. Just to make sure.

I'm being brave, I'm in the room of the spider. Not quite brave enough yet to actually pull back the covers and get into bed. I know that's inevitable, I'll just wait until the PTSD subsides a little and my heart beat slows. Breathe, just breathe as the song says. It's been a lovely few days, resting and wandering in Antwerp. Catching up on photos and reading and sleep. Just what the doctor ordered.

The next adventure is planned, London then on to Portugal with Sara. Air BnB came to the party again with a lovely apartment overlooking Lisbon. The city looks beautiful, the surrounds very interesting. It's only for a couple of days and I suspect that will leave me wanting more. Others tell me of their love of this country, the photos I see are stunning. Right, checking for spiders under the covers  while the pics load.

Now that's the life, not a spider in sight

All clear, phew!

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