Wednesday, 11 September 2013

So easy to please

I'm happy this evening, downloading photos that had to wait until I could free up some space on my Mac. Today, with Gert's help and Di's support, I purchased another external hard drive. One I could drive this time. I didn't really trust the last one, I wasn't sure where my photos went and how I might retrieve them. Yes, I'm not that technological and glaze over when the technical terms get too complex. Others think I know what I'm doing, I just take a risk and make attempts that quite often work.

So this evening I have the pleasure of downloading to my new fancy, small and sturdy hard drive, deleting files and uploading the many photos I've not seen as yet. I'll do some work on these and add the ones I really like here. I can't believe how quickly they uploaded, no messages saying there isn't enough space, luxury. Photos will follow, here's one taken at San Fruttuoso while enjoying an espresso.

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