Wednesday, 4 September 2013


My weak connection has died so here I am sitting in a cafe, espresso in hand, enjoying people watching, Sara's company and just chilling while the sun slowly sinks outside. People watching as they come and go, enjoying that dogs are welcome and small children. It's almost aperitivo time again, time for an aperol or a gin fizz and some food. The food is free with the cocktail, a nice way to begin an evening of eating and enjoying a vino or two.

I'm loving Genova, understanding why Di loves it so, maybe her enthusiasm is rubbing off. Sandy has left on her cruise, we leave later this week for Antwerp. It's been a busy lately, the Beautiful Truth retreat was amazing. Intense and challenging as well as enlightening. I've learnt so much about my camera and how to make the best of the light when taking photos. I'm very happy with the results, happy that I can see that the photo is not quite right and know how to fix it.

During the retreat I got to create with clay, wonderful to feel clay after so many years. I made a tablet, a photo will follow once I have this on display where ever I end up living. Diana is firing this for me and will send to Di's once it's done. Sara, Di and I are planning a trip to Istanbul for a few days, three adventurers revisiting a city we all love. I hope it happens, Istanbul was on my first itinerary and I cut it due to time.

Now I must once again cut Egypt too. This is the fifth time I've had to do so over the years, for a variety of reasons. I'm disappointed but when a travel advisory says extreme risk, I tend to listen. That will give me a week longer in Europe, not a bad thing as I'm not sure when I'll be abel to return next.

Beautiful Bocadassi

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