Monday, 5 August 2013

Goodbye Cayman

A few years ago, maybe even decades, Sting put out an album Dream of the Blue Turtles. It was one of my favourites at the time and can be found on the every useful YouTube in it's full version. The Internet here is too slow to load it. It came to mind as I sit by the turtle pond in the Marriott Hotel Cayman waiting for Jane and watching the turtles frolic. Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, turtles don't exactly move fast. The do compete for the high ground, one pushing the other into the water and trying to look innocent.

It's my last day in Cayman, this time tomorrow I'll be in New Orleans, quite possibly in a bar enjoying some jazz, more likely out sightseeing with my camera. I've packed my bags and after carrying them from my room to the lobby, am remembering that they are actually quite heavy. My two carry ones are small, handbag and lap top bag but action packed with all my precious things. I may just have to put my second lens in my suitcase.

So, it's time to go. I'm feeling a bit sad as I leave my friends, there's been rounds of farewell drinks and dinners including bubbles with Jo and Anne on a floating ring thing out front of the hotel this morning. Jane and I did birthday drinks all day yesterday, cocktails on the beach and by the pool. We met some Texans who reinforced our view of the people of the US of A. What lovely folks. We argued politics for a bit, chatted about travels and family as you do. It was nice to share our view of Muslims after living and working in the UAE and Qatar, a view that's not one the popular media shares with your average American.

We almost died laughing when our much maligned kiwi accents were called classy and exotic, we get such stick about them usually with some people requiring sub titles for mine and making comments about our distinct lack of vowels. Well the Texan's loved it. We chatted for a bit, then the wedding on the beach started. I thought about Nick and Liberty's wedding in Mexico a couple of months ago. This was a little bigger, there were guests. A lovely time for the bride and groom as the sun set behind them in spectacular Cayman style.

There are a few photos to add from my last days, I just need to download them from the emails others have sent. So It's goodbye for now to Cayman, hello to 3 months of travel catching up with my lovely friends on the way.  

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