Monday, 10 June 2013


I'm procrastinating. All dressed for a walk but it's a humid, sunny 30C here in Cayman and I'm not that keen to get out into the heat. No aircon on at my place but the fans are keeping me cool enough. And I've got to get out on the water soon as well. A Sunday afternoon sail planned. Plenty of excuses to keep laying on the couch reading my book. The main reason for waiting is the music on my radio, acoustic Sunday, a nice mix of classics and new tracks, interesting versions that are a pleasure. That and m iPod is flat and charging now.

I could procrastinate for ever and justify that procrastination so plausibly. It's a gift, a skill well honed with practise. Yesterday I didn't procrastinate. I took myself to the beach and enjoyed a leisurely snorkel and lay on the beach for a bit with my book. My music was the waves and I just may have drifted off. My belly is very pink, the white bits should go brown, the brown bits a bit browner. It was lovely.

All salty and sticky with bad hair, I met Jane and one of her friends for  a late lunch at the George Town Yacht Club. I wandered amongst the yachts moored a little envious of the open ocean lifestyle. I've just finished reading a book about a couple who sailed from the Caribbean to New Zealand via the Panama Canal and the Pacific Islands. It was a good read for this reader of fiction. Graham and Janet Morse, with their two crew, lived their dream of blue water sailing. I enjoyed their adventures and would love to do this type of sailing someday.

For now there's more planning to do for my trip. I'm getting excited, need to book a flight from London to Milan to be ready to travel down to Diana's place to meet up with Di to attend a retreat. I can't wait.

So that's the walk out the door, no time now. Ah the skill of procrastinating, such a strength!
Assisi, a little south of Piedmont

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