Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Some days....

Are out of the bag. Right down to a storm with plenty of rain, thunder and lightening as we tucked into the roast that Rob cooked watching the rain fall, listening to the wind and the chatter of New Zealandish. Pretending, in a small way, that we were watching a winter storm lash the windows and preparing for snow while snugly warm inside. We must have all been doing the same, the five adult kiwis dining together because when one of us said this, we all smiled.

The kids were being kids, having a ball with each other as kids do. The meal was delicious, roast vege for this vege and roast pork for the others, washed down with a Villa Maria sav blanc and followed by pudding and cake. Banana cake with a Caribbean flair. The mangos in the middle were a treat. Best of all was the conversation. People who knew people who knew people making links to places. It really is a small world after all.

On Saturday I met George, the lovely Rose's sister's husband from Blenheim. He was in Cayman on a promotional trip for Villa Maria. Rose put us in touch and I showed him the sights on Sunday. I suspect by his unwillingness to catch his plane that he may have wanted to stay. The kiwi roast was mentioned, his plane left a little too early. In his few short days here he got to swim with the stingrays, check out many of the restaurants, enjoy 7 Mile Beach and endure my driving in a round the island road trip. We were lucky enough to catch some exciting kite surfing at Reef Resort , photos below. He seemed taken with the place and I suspect he'll be back, bringing Barbara and the kids for a holiday.

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