Thursday, 9 May 2013

8 weeks

And counting until I'm traveling again. The planning is underway, the airfare priced, the itinerary loosely mapped out, the timing purposely vague to allow for flexibility. I hope to fit in a sail or two on the way, take up one of the many crewing opportunities that are advertised. I suspect I need a smaller bag to be able to do that, to travel even lighter than I do.

It's odd being at the end of a contract, business as usual while tidying up the loose ends. I've had a fantastic time in Cayman, made some excellent friends who I will keep in touch with. I was with some friends last night and they were convincing me to come back, offered to find me a new job and help me set up my business. My new business. More on that later as it evolves. I know I need to buy myself some more time and flexibility, hopefully this is the way to do it. I will also maintain contact with Cayman and surrounds so it's not too much of a goodbye.

My trip home is looking complex. Lots to see and while I have the occasional traveling companions, I will be mostly traveling on my own. While I don't mind that, I still feel a little trepidation about being out there with no back up. I know others who sole travel feel the same way. Liberated yet fearful.  Liberated because you don't have to worry about how the person with you is experiencing the journey, although a lot of the joy of traveling is sharing experiences with another. Fearful because you are on your own; no one to watch your bags while you go to the loo; eating in a cafe on your own; no one to tell about what you saw when you looked up; no one to share the decisions or the wine.

I'm really lucky because I now have a travel companion for Scotland. Didge is heading home to the UK and is at a loose end in August, Scotland here we come. I fly through Ireland on my way to London so there's the potential for a few days in Shannon. I'm meeting Di in Genova in September, I can't wait for that. Some good time together exploring one of her favourite places. Once I hit the UAE it's a journey to see friends and family, exciting to catch up.

Jobs for now are getting the house packed up and the bits going home ready to freight; selling the car and boat; sorting the take with me, send home and give away piles of clothes and shoes; and generally keep out of mischief. The Sail Club's ball is on Friday, I'm about ready for a good night out.

Have feet, will travel, Antwerp

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