Friday, 19 April 2013

Home time

I've been a little boring lately. I've discovered Netflix. A friend told me I'd get addicted quickly, what do you expect after so long with no TV. And oh how addicted I've become, addicted to some gentle and heartwarming movies. The kind only the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh can make. I'm missing out on sleep catching ones I've never seen before and revisiting old friends like Once.

Some of the treats have been Dear Frankie; An Englishman who went up a hill  (yep, that seems to be the title!); and My Life so Far (a true story). These are quite old movies with the likes of a young Hugh Grant and Gerard Butler as stars. I'm not sure of what tonight's treat will be, half the fun is in the choosing. Suffice to say, I'll have an evening in.

I'm in need of some evenings in as things are drawing to a close at work and there's so much to do. I've got eight days of my old job left, then two months on a new project. Two months with about six months work attached so I'm not sure how that will go yet. I just may need to get some rest now before it starts. Then, all things going well, I'm off traveling. Taking the long way home to avoid a New Zealand winter and to make sure I don't mess up my tax status by staying for Christmas.

The price of a round the world ticket looks a little excessive so this weekend I'm checking the best options for travel. The plan is to leave here, go for a road trip in the US then fly to London; train to Belgium to spend time with Di and her lovely crew; head off on an adventure there, Spain and Italy come to mind; then onto Poland; down the Adriatic coast to Greece and Turkey; on to Georgia to see Natia if she's home; down to the UAE and then heading south via friends in Brunei, Singapore and Perth. Catching up with friends is my plan so I hope you are all home and I get to cuddle the new additions to your families and meet the new and special people in your lives.

Melbourne is my first destination to see the newly weds; then up to Brissy for some Eve and her mum and dad time and over to Christchurch for some digging in the sand pit time with Noah and his mum and dad. I should be able to catch up with everyone in Christchurch because I will have time this trip to do just that. I'm not sure how long this will take, I'm in no hurry and taking a much needed break from full time work. I have a few projects I'm working on, exciting and different little projects so watch this space.

Movie time, I feel a rom com coming on.

NYC, what a treat

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