Monday, 11 March 2013

New Zealandish explained

It happened to me again last night, at an awards dinner. The conversation usually goes like this:

Person meeting me: Nice to meet you, where's that accent from?  (They don't know me yet and are being polite hence the nice to meet you)

Me: Well.....

Them: I know, I know let me guess. South Africa or is it Australia? Say something again, I know I can get it.

Me: Mmmmm well......

Them: Yes! Got it! Australia or maybe South Africa.

Me: I'm flattered that you think I'm Australian (not!) but I'm a New Zealander and I speak New Zealandish, just like on Lord of the Rings. (For those of you who don't know, being called an Aussie is like a Canadian being called an American or the Irish being mistaken for a Scot. I have personal experience of both!)

Last night was great, we ended up having quite a discussion about the origin of our accents and the mix of cultures at the table. Other times have not been so interesting. The friend I'm off to New York with next week is seeking to understand New Zealandish and found this. I watched it this morning, enjoying the humour and idiosyncrasies that are from home. I actually got a little homesick.

So for all of you who suspect I may need subtitles, for all the kiwis out there in the world who have the same sort of conversations and for the people interested enough to take the time to learn about us, enjoy. There are 6 clips and I hope they come up here as they do on the website .


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