Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More from the Big Apple

I arrived late on Friday night, Saturday the walk to breakfast was in slow falling snow flakes. The snow continued all day, a bit of a treat for me and okay because I had layers of warm clothes on. My tour guide guided me through the subway and into the city. I now understand what Tim and Sarah were telling me about, looking up and seeing those massive skyscrapers. On Saturday they were in the clouds, looking up got me snow flakes in my eyes and there was plenty to see at ground level. Masses of people braving the snow for the parade.

People dressed in green with face paint and bits of skin showing. Tougher folks than me, I managed a green pashmina that matched my new purple jacket under my grey coat. Gloves, thanks Jane for those leather ones, and my hood up made it bearable. The St Paddy's day parade was amazing; the bands, the marching, the celebration so far from their homeland of these immigrants from famine ravaged Ireland to the land of plenty. The police were there in force, the mood celebratory and excited, the crowds polite and buzzing, the emotion something I didn't expect.

Rockafeller Centre

Military piper 69th Regiment

Pipes and more pipes

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