Thursday, 17 January 2013

I almost forgot.....

My passport is winging it's way here. It left New Zealand at 8.50pm on 16 January, less than a week after I sent my application. That must be a record. I cannot believe just how efficient, friendly and helpful the staff at the passport office in the Department of Internal Affairs were. I phoned them twice, once to check on what I needed to do and the other to give them my full address which didn't quite fit on the form. Both times they were fantastic, patient with my questions. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can't wait to see my new passport.

It was funny, I was talking to Tim on the weekend and he knew all about the online process. He was one of those who got to trial the new system and give feedback the last time he got his passport. He was also impressed. The only problem we both have is that the passport is only for five years, effectively four and a half if you travel. I think my photo is good enough for ten years, funny to think how old I'll be when it runs out. I wonder where in the world I'll be, at least I know I can renew my passport without too many issues. 

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