Monday, 21 January 2013

A nice day

A lovely, restful day spent out enjoying the water, in and on it. Communing with all that is the gentle North Sound. I'm a little sunburnt, a little tired in a good I've been swimming in the sea way. I needed a sea swim, even if it was a bit chillier than I like. I've been a bit run down, buggy with a horrible cold sore since flying back. The swim cured that and chased away the bugs that I managed to collect on the way from my fellow passengers. I may just have passed some buggy bits back to them, I'm generous like that. 

Last week I was really feeling poorly, bugs that are going around the office liking me because I was feeling a bit run down. I'm finding that the long haul back from New Zealand is one that takes some recovering from. So much time in air conditioning with a horde of others, travellers just like me. This week promises to be a good one. There's plenty to do and not as much pressure as there has been lately, the deadlines more gentle and the projects more developed. 

First job for the week is to change my Cayman visa to my new passport. My new, shiny and fantastic passport with the passable photo of me. I'm really pleased with it although I will regret not having my old faithful one full of stamps and visas. I suspect I won't have such an interesting time at immigration, that's okay. I'll soon fill up this one too. Next trip is to New York in March although I think I may go for a Miami weekend before then. 

I have the need to buy a coffee machine, one on which I can make a good espresso. I've not been drinking much coffee and miss a well brewed one that's not from an over stewed pot or a pod machine.  I thought I'd found one here. A flash, red Illy one that I'd be proud to have on my bench. Alas, it was a pod one, the dials and things just for show. Since I made up my mind to get one, I've been plotting how to order one online and get it here. I should have bought the one in Briscoes and carried it as carry on. 

I will work it out, I also need a pair of warm boots and some warm clothes for my New York trip. I checked out my winter lot in the wardrobe, shaking out the moths, and they are a bit worse for wear and not quite fashionable anymore. Time for some new gear, I may just have to take another winter trip to get the wear out of the new threads. There is opera belting out from the dining room and dinner calls, well the cooking of dinner. Salmon salad soon come. 

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