Wednesday, 19 December 2012

On holiday

Brisbane's been a bit of a treat. I'm getting plenty of Eve time, enjoying getting to know her in person. She's a bit of a character, 19 months old and very chatty, very entertaining and knows what she wants.    We've been for a couple of wanders around the new neighbourhood and played out in the back yard of their new place. We got some Christmas gifts today, a doll to bath and some clothes for the big day. There's an amazing selection of children's clothes here, some really expensive some an okay price. Spoiling Eve is my top priority, not a bad one to have.

I'm meeting up with Nick and Liberty in Sydney on Saturday, a day trip down to see them. After the Brisbane Christmas celebrations it's off to New Zealand. Quite a few hours of flying racked up this trip. The flight over was very long, the next few will be a piece of cake. Happy holidays!

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