Sunday, 16 December 2012


Well this is a first, being able to get on the Internet in LAX via Skype. I'm on my way to Brisbane, a long flight that makes the almost 6 hour from Miami look like a commute. Oh well, at least I'll I should get some sleep. It's actually nice to sit here and not be bored, to keep myself awake at almost 2am Cayman time, to be able to get messages to Sasi and arranging my arrival, to catch up on email and messages. All very important.

It does make me smile though. I must be the only one around who still reads a real book, the paper and ink kind. Most people seem to have Kindles and iPads and other electronic things. It's amusing to watch people eating a meal and engaging with their electronic goods rather than with each other. I'm not the only lone traveler it seems. I had an amusing time ordering food here. Vege foods is uncommon and the lovely waiter at Chillis laughed when I asked for the chicken salad wrap minus the chicken. I told him he should have that on the menu, he smiled as he gave me my GnT.

So I'm taking the long trip again, this time a much easier stop in LA, three hours instead of the usual 6 or so. It was lovely to fly over the US at night, the cities lit up down below and the big cities glowing on the horizon. I bought an iPod in Miami after forgetting mine, left on the bench along with my NZ cell phone. It's a cute little Nano touch screen. I just need to upgrade my iTunes so I can load the music.

Boarding soon, next stop Brisbane.

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