Saturday, 24 November 2012


What a week, the word multitask takes on a whole new meaning in my life at the moment. I'm not the best at multitasking. I prefer to start something and get it finished, or even almost finished, before starting the next task. This week that would have been a luxury. Monday started poorly after too much of a Sunday evening after racing.

Racing went okay we finished 4th overall, it was exciting especially the leg where I lost control of the spinnaker, the pole not wanting to go where I needed it to. We were in second place at the time, close to first. By the time we got sorted we were out the back but still upright. The celebrations after were fun, lots of discussion and sparring over who hit whom and why. They went on for a while, too long for a school night. My Monday muscles told me I'd worked hard.

After some consultation on Friday, the bill to amend the law was finished. The cabinet paper was written, the changes made and off it went to the Minister. I think it went to Cabinet today, a job finished after months of work. Today I was at the Ritz, presenting to a large group of people on a forum panel. Public speaking, not my favourite task. I got to speak to individual and small groups as well, in my element talking education to business folks.

The after party was nice, advertised as cocktails, I enjoyed a nice Wither Hills. The best of New Zealand wine, standing on a balcony enjoying the evening and eating yummy canapes. So my week consisted of HR in welcoming and inducting a new teacher and her family to the island; diplomacy in a multiagency meeting to set up greater collaboration; finishing the law project, almost; public speaking and generally networking; writing presentations and preparing information; and educating parents in a 2 hour evening workshop. I think that was enough, may be why I'm feeling a little tired now. 

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