Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I'm feeling a bit lucky this evening as I watch the destruction that missed the Cayman's, Sandy the super storm. I feel for those affected, and there are millions by the looks of the reach of the storm. The photos of New York are sad, Battery Park under water and the subway flooded. NY is on my soon to go list, I may have to wait a while until things settle.

It's got cold here, okay so 25C is not cold to most folks but to me it's not that warm either. I needed a pashmina this evening to sit outside, unfortunately I left mine at home so I had to suffer a little. I may even have to wear my big fluffy red dressing gown I bought in Al Ain. It's funny how just a small fluctuation in temperature is noticeable.

It's almost halloween, a big thing for the kids and adults here. Last year I had to ignore the door and hide upstairs as I had nothing to offer, this year I have some bags of chocolate things. Chocolate things because I amy get to eat any that are left over. I have on definite, 3 year old Jon and his mum and dad are coming to visit. Jon is just three and when we had his dress rehearsal last night, he did a pirate striptease. that hook just had to go. I hope he can keep the outfit on for the evening, he's very entertaining.

One of the beautiful bulls guarding an old church on the way to Lake Titikaca

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