Sunday, 16 September 2012


Stuff is a website with New Zealand stuff. There are links to all the major newspapers so I can read The Press online, the latest national and international news, horoscopes and quizzes and a travel section. A week or so ago I was browsing the travel section and spotted a request for photos from favourite places. How could I resist.

Today I got a link from them and here was my latest favourite place  for everyone to see. You may have to scroll down, it's the one about Peru. I would love to do more travel writing. My time writing for Oasis Living was fantastic. I had time then to write and travel was easier. Dubai is a great place to get anywhere from. Now I'm a little more challenged at work so don't seem to have the brain space. I know it soon come, as we say here in the Caymans!

Yesterday was a day out of the bag, light winds became slightly more than light and we had a fantastic day out on the water. Racing was fierce and there were some close calls, how the boats don't touch is a miracle. There is a lot of skill involved as well of course. We are a new team with the newest member having her first races with us today. Luckily she's a little more experienced than me. Our results showed the importance of set up and practice. We had had some things changed over the summer and things like the new pole lift worked a treat.

So fourth, third, third and a third overall with 1 point off second was an excellent result. There was plenty of the fleet out, eight or nine boats so the results were even more sweet for us. The postmortems over rum, BBQ in hand took us well into the evening. Another day of racing to come today, more dodging each other to get the best wind and fastest lines. And there's a whole season of racing to come. Can't wait!

Mayhem in the sunset

Final polishing, red keels do go faster!

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