Monday, 24 September 2012

Another thing off the bucket list.....

When I left the UAE I wanted to get a T shirt that said:

UAE: I survived the drive!

I think these would sell like hot cakes to the expats who negotiate the highways and byways, taking their lives in their hands, on a daily basis. Today I had another T shirt moment:

I scored in the West Indies: Ana played cricket mun!

Ana, that is I, played cricket today. Apart from backyard cricket with my boys, I haven't played since high school. It's been a while. It was hot, we got to bat first thankfully. The line up didn't get down to me, it was 20/20. I managed to do some useful fielding. I thought about how much my kids would laugh seeing me out there in a uniform about 3 sizes too big for me, saving boundaries. I didn't usually get to bat in those backyard days either. We came second, almost got there but not quite. It was fun, and they've asked this fill in pretender back. Best I brush up on my bowling and batting this week! 

It's been a busy weekend, so much for a quiet one with no sailing. Mayhem is shinier, well one side is. I had some fantastic Skype time with the kids and friends, it's what I do on Saturday evenings. There was some amazing thunder and lightening lighting up the sky. Thunder so loud it was impossible to sleep through. The rain that follows is torrential, the sun immediately after intensely burning. I like this unpredictable place, enjoy the extremes. 

Another Antwerp Zoo photo, I could have watched the hippos for hours. 

Here's looking at you kid

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