Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rock of Ages

I went to the movies tonight, a bit of a rare treat, and saw Rock of Ages. I was a bit disconcerted when it seemed a bit too much like a musical, how wrong I was. It was hilarious, excellent music that people who may have been around and rocking in the 1980s would remember. It was lots of fun, kept me well awake for the late showing at the movies. Here's a sneak peak, I recommend it for a bit of a laugh and trip down memory lane.

Tomorrow Jo and I fly to Miami, can't wait to go and see the sights. Well, most probably the inside of the malls and various shops we need to visit. Yes, need. There are some who may believe i have enough shoes, I'm not a follower of that belief. looking forward to getting off the rock and doing some people watching, Miami's a great place for that.

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