Thursday, 28 June 2012

50! Oh no!

Not me of course, been there done that! I've just got home from celebrating a friends 50th birthday. Celebrating with a few glasses of the bubbly stuff. Jill's not sure she's ready to be 50, she hasn't said or applied the word to herself as yet. It seems a bridge too far for now. Even after a few more glasses than I had. The funny thing was that the guests were mostly over 50s, people enjoying the freedom of their age. Her husband and I are born in the same year, a good year I can assure you. It was a lovely evening of chat and stories.

Actually as Brian is Irish, I've asked him to introduce me to Liam Neeson. It's a task I ask of most Irish people I meet out and about. He just smiled and said he would. Of course everyone who is Irish knows Liam, sigh. But I digress, I'm sure Jill will eventually be fine about the 50 thing and be able to admit to her great age. We spent the evening convincing her that it really was okay. Comments from sons don't help, comments like "you've got old lady hands now". Comments from husbands don't either, "my mother was your age when you first met her". Not helpful.

Jill and Brian and I have quite a lot in common. They have lived and taught in Oman and traveled in many of the places I have so we have lots of shared topics of conversation. Add to the mix the lovely Roger and Sue, fellow New Zealanders and former residents of Abu Dhabi and time flies. So now it's time to sleep. The Peru trip is shaping up nicely, via Panama and Colombia. I can't wait, so ready for a break! I really need some new photos, we talked a lot about Jordan this evening so here a two from there.
The citadel in Amman, Jordan

The treasury, Petra

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