Thursday, 3 May 2012

Slow Internet......

Read no Internet! I've had no access at home since Monday, a bit difficult to keep up on things without. My work access is fine, I just have not had time to keep up. I've worked long days, too long. Imagine my life with just my phone to check stuff and that doesn't check all the stuff I need like Skype and my horoscopes. Funny thing, I did manage okay. Amazing how much the Internet has become part of my every day routines.

Today I came home between my 7.30 and 10 am meetings and called the provider, not problem they said. Once they had my info, suddenly it was fixed, go figure. Why did I not make that call earlier? Who knows. So the happenings of this week, so many happenings.

I've been evicted. My apartment has been sold, sigh. I love the space and light here, the sun streaming in in the morning and late afternoon. The balcony where I eat breakfast watching the ching chings and iguanas in the trees, the privacy of a place where I can fling open the morning curtains and not be overlooked. I should have talked to the agent and made an offer before he accepted the last one, last refusal on the sale.

I'm not sure it works like that. What's done is done. I have time to look and now I have my net back, I have the ability to look. I'm checking out another in this complex on Friday, its next to the road so I'm not sure about the noise. There are others on beaches, many out of my price range and some that require a visit. Apartment hunting, not my favourite pass time.

I do have a back up plan, two available for the short term if I get stuck. And I have a yacht I could sleep in if stuck, well not really! I'm taking the day off tomorrow, a much needed break from the 12 plus hour days that have become the norm. Jo, Sue and I are off out for a training run, up to Kaibo for lunch tacking and gibing all the way. I get to lie in for a bit and test out my new bikini. I may even risk taking my camera. 

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