Friday, 18 May 2012

A quiet week

Well blog wise anyway. I've been so busy at work that I'm exhausted when I finally get home. Writing is not the restful break it used to be, it's more of the work day. It will balance soon I hope. Today I had a nice day, visiting a school first thing then attending a new school classroom block opening in the evening. The piece in between in the office was also productive. I've just finished a proposal and so I'm stopping for the night, a bit brain dead. 

It's a long weekend this weekend, I'm not going anywhere for a change. I plan to spend time on the lounger or couch reading, sorting photos, house hunting and getting some good down time. Just a busy Friday to go, lots of meetings and not much time in between to get the work done. There may just be a very happy hour. I do have travel plans, a trip to Jamaica to watch the Black Caps play the West Indies at cricket in July and a trip to Panama and one to North America to go shopping in June. Weather will decide our destination, I fancy New York or Chicago. 

I've also got a week of extra leave to spend so I hope to join Jane for a South America adventure, Machu Picchu here I come. For now my travel is upstairs to bed, tomorrow is another day. Dress down Friday, what to wear, what to wear..... maybe I need that shopping trip!

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