Tuesday, 8 May 2012


My horoscope said that I would have many blessings this week. They have certainly begun. Tonight, after a strenuous yoga class, I found Haloumi cheese at the supermarket. It's rare to find this here, lots of mozzarella and cheddar, no Haloumi. I stocked up and got some for Jane, also a Leo with blessings coming.

Eve's birthday table, courtesy of Sasi
It's Eve's birthday today Brisbane time, a blessing. She's one year old and very extremely, extraordinarily gorgeous. Sasi excelled herself with an amazing array of cakes and other food for her party in the park. Her photo is above. Sasi runs Styled Sweets, take a look at her special talent. I've not managed to Skype with them yet, maybe tomorrow we'll all be in the right place to do this. It's hard to believe that it's been a year, a year of many interesting events.

I've been in the Caymans for a year, a year into my two year contract. The blessing there is that I still love my job, despite the hours, can see the progress we've made and get to work with an amazing team of Caymanian women. All different, all special and all working towards a better future for the children here. A winning combination.

On Saturday I had the privilege of racing in the cruiser class on Blue Runner. It was a fantastic day out, we won the race and the race itself was interesting. I got to fly the spinnaker, I now have much stronger arm muscles and after a few days can now move my arms more freely. The blessing, we had the company of the North Sound dolphin. He or she, there was some discussion about this, raced alongside us for a couple of hours playing with us and hamming it up for the camera. The dolphin got really close when we heeled over, we could almost touch him. We all had smiles, a story to tell over a dark and stormy back at the sail club. I hope to post the video footage soon.

Sunday was more sailing, race training. I'm on the foredeck, that's what we had to practice. Gibes and tacks, setting the pole, flying the spinnaker. The blessing was we didn't broach and I managed to get the tangled bits untangled before there was too much drama. We had practiced the Thursday before as well, taking the day off work and sailing the Kaibo for lunch. I felt a bit naughty doing this during the week but needs must. It was wild out on the water, some exciting moments as we headed back to base.

I wonder what the rest of the week will bring, more things that will delight I'm sure. Talking to Eve on Skype will be my high point of the week, managing to talk to Noah too will be the icing on the cake. 

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