Wednesday, 4 April 2012

St Kitts and Nevis

Wow, this place is so very beautiful! We are staying at this place so all is well. A little later I write....

I suspect I need to add to this, I was writing it in a break at the conference I'm attending and got interrupted. Well, what a time my lovely friend and colleague Renee and I are having. The hotel is amazing, very plush with friendly staff and great facilities. I went for a swim in the pool this morning and the sea tonight. There will be photos soon.

Photos of the fresh, sea run lobster (crayfish to the New Zealanders reading) we ate on the first night. A whole, rather large lobster that tasted of the sea it was so fresh. We were surprised when it arrived, delighted with the presentation and taste and too full to walk when we had finished. This wasn't in the hotel but in a small restaurant we noticed down the road. Renee and I both love kai moana (seafood) so noted the Rock Lobster restaurant as one to visit.

Today, as I lay on my back floating in the Atlantic Ocean, I realised just how many oceans and seas I had swum in. As I recounted to Renee, I got to seven. Then I just kept on going. Here's the list: Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea, Arabian Sea, Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, English Channel, Dead Sea and the Caribbean Sea. I'm sure there's more, I'll make sure there's more. So today I went for a swim at the resort beach. I soaked my soul in the sea for a bit, just what I needed. The sun had gone so reading on the lounger was a bit cool so I didn't last long.

It's been so hectic lately that this is a good respite for me. I needed some thinking time, I have it here. As well as the stimulating discussion only a conference can provide. It was nice catching up with people I met at St Vincent and meeting new friends to share ideas with. Tomorrow we go out and about visiting schools and checking out more of the countryside. I will take my camera. Thursday morning is sightseeing time.

Like St Vincent, St Kitts has an interesting history, a history of conquering and colonising. The remnants of the British involvement are still here, the first peoples largely gone. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Tomorrow we get to present to the group. We're fortunate that we have a strategic plan and have evidence of progressing the work it outlines. Makes our presentation easy to do. Sleep is needed now, amazing how tired one gets sitting around talking all day. 

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