Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spotts on Sunday

Spotts jetty

The fisherman. Some of the dark shadows in the water are turtles.

Apparently a Trumpet fish
Spotts, my new favourite place, a place where beachfront living is available. It was a magical day of things to see. We also saw the bright coloured reek fish, trumpet fish, snapper and nine squid. The squid swum in a line, their big eyes keeping a look out. At some point they saw us, seemed to change colour as they changed direction together. We ventured out over the reef into the deeper water, not so much to see. My local friends told me today that there's a strong current out over the reef, one to beware of.

As we sat on the beach a slow procession of people in their Sunday best came down the from the roadside, one dressed in white. A boy of about 8 years old, his family were with him. We felt a little conspicuous in our bikinis while they were all dressed very well, especially the two small girls about Noah's age. We watched as the service took place, the small boy immersed in the waters to the prayers and celebrations of the congregation. They greeted us as they went up the beach, all smiles and I suppose pleased to have witnessed this important event. Baptisms at the beach are quite common here apparently, this is the first Jane and I have seen.

There was more people watching to be done, three boys with their fishing poles wandered along the beach chatting as boys chat when going off fishing. I suspect they were also looking at the turtles, the dark shadows in the water. I was so pleased I'd taken my camera. I wanted to try out the new filters I had bought in New Zealand. One is a tinted UV filter where I can adjust the light. It worked really well with the glare off the sand and the water shots, a good investment. The waterproof sunscreen was also a good investment. I just need to remember not to miss patches. I'm a little burnt, a small price for the hours in the water and watching the world go by. 

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