Monday, 20 February 2012

Flying in......and out again

South Sound

I'm lucky enough to get to work on Cayman Brac, a smaller island to the north east of Grand Cayman. This means a flight in the plane affectionately called the prop prop. That's because it's a rather small plane with propellers. One of my colleagues shudders at the thought and needs counselling if she has to ride the prop prop, another commutes on it regularly with no complaint. I like it because it flies so low that you get excellent views, a scenic flight over Grand and Little Cayman and the Brac.

This time my camera was handy. The shot above is of the South Sound area, this is where I live. My house is in the shot next to the ones with the orangey roofs. The beach is the one I wander, the boats are in waiting for the day's first cruise ships. It's a very peaceful and beautiful place. The Brac is even more peaceful, with the population of a small town and plenty of space. I seem to know a lot of people there already, the celebration evening we had was with friends.

It's only a few more sleeps and I fly out, coming back will be interesting. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone, not so to the long flight. I must go and pack, sigh, not my favourite job.

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