Monday, 27 February 2012


I'm having a lovely time with Eve, Sasi and Kieran in Brisbane. Eve is stunning, gorgeous, active and lots of fun. She's just started walking and has gone from staggering a few steps to purposefully toddling from point to point. She also knows how clever she is to be doing this at 9 months old and stops and claps, smiling at the doting adults around her. I love this age, so much fun playing and chatting. She's very vocal, loud and knows what she wants. This is the doting grandma speaking so I may just be biased, the photo shows it's not just me.

Brisbane is the same as last time I was here, although wandering around the mall and doing a little shopping was a novelty this time. There are no malls on Grand Cayman, I don't miss them at all not being a huge shopper. I managed to get some work clothes today, just a few pieces to add to the wardrobe. I'm heading to the Gold Coast on Wednesday to catch up with Lyn and Kerry at Solnamara. I'm so looking to having some time with them. I love being on holiday!

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