Monday, 27 February 2012


I'm having a lovely time with Eve, Sasi and Kieran in Brisbane. Eve is stunning, gorgeous, active and lots of fun. She's just started walking and has gone from staggering a few steps to purposefully toddling from point to point. She also knows how clever she is to be doing this at 9 months old and stops and claps, smiling at the doting adults around her. I love this age, so much fun playing and chatting. She's very vocal, loud and knows what she wants. This is the doting grandma speaking so I may just be biased, the photo shows it's not just me.

Brisbane is the same as last time I was here, although wandering around the mall and doing a little shopping was a novelty this time. There are no malls on Grand Cayman, I don't miss them at all not being a huge shopper. I managed to get some work clothes today, just a few pieces to add to the wardrobe. I'm heading to the Gold Coast on Wednesday to catch up with Lyn and Kerry at Solnamara. I'm so looking to having some time with them. I love being on holiday!

Friday, 24 February 2012


Well, I made it to Brisbane this morning at about 7.30am. It's not a trip that one takes lightly, Cayman to this side of the world. It was better this time. I got some sleep on the 14 hour leg LA to Brisbane but made a decision that I'm not going to spend seven and a half hours in LAX ever again, ever! I managed to walk outside and wander around the airport area. That didn't kill much time unfortunately.

It's raining here, heavy fat drops and it's a little cool. Nice for a change. Eve has kept Sasi and I entertained all day with her efforts to walk. She has it sorted, the balance is there and the feet go one in front of the other for up to six or seven steps. She can even stand and show off another new trick, clapping hands. Eve thinks she very clever, so did the two doting folks watching her. She even showed off to her dad when he got home. I suspect this is the beginning of the evolution to running Eve, look out! Did I mention that the child is only 9 months old and has been taking steps for a month or so?

I'm still standing, sort of, after the long journey and suspect I may need to lie down very soon. I don't usually suffer too much from jet lag, I just need to get a good nights sleep so I'm functioning fully. It's Saturday tomorrow, a whole weekend with Kez and Sasi and Eve, fantastic.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Flying in......and out again

South Sound

I'm lucky enough to get to work on Cayman Brac, a smaller island to the north east of Grand Cayman. This means a flight in the plane affectionately called the prop prop. That's because it's a rather small plane with propellers. One of my colleagues shudders at the thought and needs counselling if she has to ride the prop prop, another commutes on it regularly with no complaint. I like it because it flies so low that you get excellent views, a scenic flight over Grand and Little Cayman and the Brac.

This time my camera was handy. The shot above is of the South Sound area, this is where I live. My house is in the shot next to the ones with the orangey roofs. The beach is the one I wander, the boats are in waiting for the day's first cruise ships. It's a very peaceful and beautiful place. The Brac is even more peaceful, with the population of a small town and plenty of space. I seem to know a lot of people there already, the celebration evening we had was with friends.

It's only a few more sleeps and I fly out, coming back will be interesting. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone, not so to the long flight. I must go and pack, sigh, not my favourite job.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

What a week....

But I think I'm getting there. I'm not exactly sure where there is yet, it's sort of on the horizon with very little shape. This week has been one out of the bag, multitasking doesn't really cover it. Actually, telling about it, and the next few days before I fly needs more head space than I have right now. I don't like toting up my hours most weeks, it's a bit like toting up my standard drinks. I've well busted that new years resolution. I'm flying in 5 more sleeps, I need to have things organised so I can enjoy my break. Enough said, I"m taking my tired and slightly grumpy self off to bed now. Things should look better in the morning. And there will be photos of my trip off shore to one of the smaller islands, promise. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Emirates

Oh I really do miss this place! Thanks to Belinda and Will for sharing. I watched this with a sense of homesickness, a short time living there with such impact. I loved the diversity, I've travelled all the Emirates and even written an article for Oasis Living on their sights. The piece on Al Ain made me sigh as I viewed the many familiar places. I will return, if only for a holiday to catch up with friends. As someone once said to me, the UAE does remain in the heart forever. A very special place. Enjoy!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Nice n warm here

Life is okay really, in fact pretty good, actually fantastic. I've got such a lot to do and even more to look forward to. Only 14 more sleeps and I fly to see Eve, Kez and Sasi, a week later I'm in NZ with Noah, Tim, Sarah, Muzz, Coral and all my fantastic friends. Then as a bonus I get to catch up with Nick, Sue and others in Melbourne. I'm getting really excited. There's even a road trip on offer, a long drive through a beautiful part of New Zealand into wine country. It's been a while since I've been on a trip longer than 40 minutes so I'm looking forward to that possibility.

There's a bit to do before I fly, a to do list that keeps me awake at night. But that's okay because at least its not like this here. I feel for those freezing in Europe as I sit eating my salmon bagel in the sun, although the frozen fountains would be lovely to photograph. Well, I must get to work. It's another late one, around 40 coming in for an evening training session. Just as well I love my job; have a brilliant team and live in a place where it's 8.30am, 26C and warming. Have a nice one!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sailing, not

Oh dear, I've got that Sunday afternoon feeling. Work tomorrow and I still want it to be the weekend, sigh. It's been a really nice one, relaxing and social as well as some good quiet time. We were sailing this afternoon, we got the boat in then the heavens opened up and there was lightening. Not sailing weather as the wind was too fickle. We retired to the clubhouse and had the drinks and snacks intended for Kaibo while the storm passed.

I got all domestic yesterday, shopping and cooking, so we had the lentil soup I made with hot toast to warm us up. Jo has a friend staying who loves music so we swapped favourite artists, many similar ones. I'm listening to Jeff Tweedy now, relaxing and preparing myself for the busy week to come. It's going to be another crazy one with three days of evening workshops, lots of organising and lets hope the venue issues of last week are resolved.

Dinner calls, something light, and then I might tune into the Superbowl. I have it on good authority that the commercials are worth watching, I'm not sure I understand the game that well so we shall see. It just may be an early night. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

John Legend

Anyone who knows me knows of my love of music. I go to any live event I can and music is a constant in my life. I was destined to see John Legend in concert. Despite a frantic week, long hours juggling all that needs to be juggled, I managed to get tickets. These came to me as things do via a lovely friend who knew I was a huge fan. Her son works for one of the sponsors, he kindly gave her 4 tickets so my attempts to buy were just deflecting that I already had tickets waiting for me.

Nick shared John Legend with me years ago, he's a constant in my music choices. I was astounded when people here didn't know who he was. Luckily Debbie, Jane, Elaine and Charlene did so we met for happy hour then on to the concert. Others did too as the festival green at Caymana Bay filled up nicely. The starting acts were fantastic too, local talent showcased. I must have been here too long, I knew lots of people there including the lead singers in one of the local bands. This place being as it is, he is also a reporter for the local paper.

John Legend exceeded expectations, I had expected something a little mellow but with the rousing Rolling in the Deep starting it all, there was plenty of energy. He play all my favourites as well as a new one, Dreams. Here it is from YouTube, not such good quality but it's on his new album. My next music purchase I suspect. Enjoy!