Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Long weekend

It's the end of a long weekend. I'd like to have one of these every week, time to read and relax, time to get caught up on the bits and pieces I don't get time for. Take cooking, I don't tend to cook too much during the week. I don't even do groceries that often, eating out is cheap enough and there's no waste. I often work late, going out for dinner works for those of us who also do. Tonight I've excelled myself. Baked salmon filet with spicy chipotle coating on a rice with stir fried ginger and chili vege. Yum. I'm full right now and the best thing, tomorrows dinner is in the fridge. The start of healthy eating me thinks.

And the exercise, well not too much today just a little living room yoga and a small wander. Tomorrow morning there will be a 5k walk, hopefully with Jo because it goes faster when you're yaking and we keep each other honest with the pace. Yesterday there was a 5k walk plus an hour or so in the water snorkeling. I'm a little pink on my back, another tan line. So I'm sitting here feeling a little virtuous.

I got to talk to Sasi and Eve this evening too, a huge bonus. Eve is such a digital native, she knows just how to talk to the grands on Skype. She stands up at the couch and coos and giggles when I talk to her, there'll be trouble when she begins to speak in earnest. I suspect that she will be a very good communicator, she seems to know what that's all about now. I can't wait to see her in person, it's only a few weeks before I fly in that direction.

What I lived on in Cuba, yes that whole lobster tail is all for me,
and there was steamed vege, rice and all the trimmings
I got some work done today as well, just a few hours to make the week easier. So, it's almost 8pm and I'm thinking of heading up to my book and an early night. I'm so boring. I love it, this quiet time to myself. My weeks are hectic so I'll just go and enjoy. Hopefully I'll have time for more posts next weekend, I'm not sure yet what's on the agenda.

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