Friday, 16 December 2011

Bruised a little

It's been an interesting week so far. Heaps to do while feeling a little bruised. Racing on Sunday on the 22s got a little hectic, 18 plus knots of wind kicking up some good swells. A quick gibe to get out of the way of another caused the fore deck, that would be me, to have a little mishap. Getting squished a little, hanging on as we began to broach then making it to hike on the rail. The bruised are impressive, especially when I'm a hard one to bruise. The one on my bicep made my colleagues gasp, they didn't see the ones on my legs.

What a fantastic day out though. We got to see the dolphin, swum towards us as we watched in wonder and maybe squealed a little. He looked up and then went under the boat, amazing to see him weaving through the fleet. Others had tales too. I've learnt heaps about sailing from my friends who invite me to take part on their boats. This weekend it was Pete and Marie. We got talking about sailing and I remembered my long held dream of sailing around the Mediterranean. That suddenly seemed possible, the how to sail course is on the to do list. Marie and I also made a plan to get the diving course done in the new year. Not a bad couple of resolutions.

Today I worked with Fiona at the travel place to arrange my trip home for Noah's birthday. It's a tall ask to plan a trip from here to Brisbane on to Aotearoa back to Melbourne and then back to Cayman. Lots of different legs to see all the family and friends. Fiona was up to the challenge, after all I did help her to choose a dress for a wedding, and I'm reviewing the options tonight. Can't wait to see everyone, especially the two newest family members. 

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